Mission Statement

Mermaid Hunter Inc. recognizes the recent yet substantial global movement of ecology-minded women to become professional mermaids – which allows them to educate the public of the harm being done to the world’s oceans and its marine life. At present these performers number around 2,000 worldwide yet they have no centralized voice or means to engage in a global sisterhood. Mermaid Hunter Inc. was created to coalesce the members of this new business industry into a legitimate worldwide consortium. 

Mermaid Hunter Inc. has 3 major objectives

  1. Create a digital online trade publication located on the web at: MermaidHunter.Com. which supports and promotes the new and developing professional mermaid industry. 
  2. Create a unifying ‘Brand’ (The Guardian Shield) which coalesces 2,000 independent mermaids into an organized force with one identity and one goal: Educate the public about the decline of our oceans, coral reefs & marine fisheries. 
  3. Create and sell a small line of original merchandise that would fund – website expenses and an annual Guardian Shield PR campaign.