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Edmund B. Papp - The Mermaid Hunter of Key West, Florida

This website is dedicated to my deceased parents, Dr. Stephen and Frances Papp, who early in life accepted a challenge that will change the course of human history. You see my parents spent their lives living & interacting with mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs AND recording these interactions in personal journals, complete with photos, drawings, and even home movies.

Mom and dad were “Sanctioned” meaning they were allowed to live even after learning of the existence of The Queen’s Realm, a secret empire populated by mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs. The reason they were allowed to live is ME! It’s a long and fascinating story but the ABOUT page is not the place to tell it.

In short, MermaidHunter.Com will share the journals and secrets my parents kept from mankind all these years. I have also restored all their photos and home movies that will prove mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs continue to live among us humans each and every day.

So you ask, why now? The answer is - Time is short on many levels.