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Let The Adventure Begin!

me-3-inHello. My name is Edmund B. Papp, or better known around Key West, Florida as The Mermaid Hunter. Welcome to my world of Mermaids, Sea Sirens, and Water Nymphs. The mission of this website is to become "The Bible" for anything Mermaid, Sea Siren or Water Nymph. Here you will find all the answers to these magnificent creatures.

For instance, did you think Sea Sirens and Mermaids were the same? Wrong! They are two completely different species - the Sea Siren being on earth MUCH longer than Mermaids. And Water Nymphs even longer than Sirens.

You have much to learn... and I promise it will be fun as you do. Your adventure begins by clicking on the BIBLE link above. Now, hold your breath and Dive In!

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