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Key West resident,  Edmund B. Papp is  ‘The Mermaid Hunter’.

Hello everyone and welcome to Key West, Florida. My name is Edmund B. Papp or known around town as The Mermaid Hunter. Funny name? – Not really, you see I’ve been photographing, filming, drawing and sculpturing beautiful women as mermaids and sea sirens for almost 50 years. And now, as I enter the final trimester of my life I want to write stories about them.

Mermaid Hunter is a Science Fiction series written for those who believe in mermaids OR just want to believe. In the end I want Mermaid Hunter to become the “BIBLE” for everything Mermaid / Sea Siren. Links to the first 6 issues are below – which leaves only 44 more to go!

So, sit back and let your imagination free your mind of doubt and cynicism.. let my storytelling into your soul and start daydreaming of yourself as a mermaid or sea siren swimming over coral reefs or riding playful dolphins through the surf.

This site is for adults, if you want your mermaids safely covered up then go no further… this is Key West – not Disney World.

This is Important

In my storytelling Mermaids and Sea Sirens are very different sea creatures. Mermaids have fishtails but Sea Sirens do not – they appear to be beautiful women. In Mermaid Hunter, Sea Sirens are creatures of the ocean possessing water skills humans do not. Sea Sirens and Mermaids are connected by sisterhood and as a collective I call them Si-Mers.

The best example of Si-Mers is this famous painting by Herbert James Draper titled: Ulysses and the Sirens. The significance of this painting is explained in Issue One.


OK, with that out of the way… start on your journey and…


Ulysses and the Sirens Herbert James Draper issue linkDORE-L65.1_-_Les_Oceanides_Lo_res issue linkxDSC04449web issue linkIssue 4 thumbnailIssue 5 thumbnailUntitled-1special edition icon



Special Announcement

If all goes well, in September 2016 Mermaid Hunter will sponsor Key West’s First Annual Mermaid Festival at the MLK Community Pool and the adjacent Nelson English & Willie Ward city parks.

All kinds of fun stuff for mermaid lovers of all ages to see and do.


Special Announcement

Also coming in 2016 – the creation of a Florida Keys Based non-profit organization called The Guardian Shield whose mandate is simple: Give awareness, recognition, and reward to anyone whose actions improve the condition of our greatest natural resource – our ocean/reef system. 

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Taryn is Mermaid of the Month

Taryn is from the St. Pete area but visits Key West every chance she gets. When she arrives she lets her alter-ego come out to play – the naughty Sea Siren inside her.

You Have Been Warned!

Mermaid Taryn

The Mermaid Hunter Poster Series

My Computer Artwork

The Sea Siren

A Personal Art Project That Premiered in Key West, 2014
Over 2,000,000 Views on YouTube – Unprecedented for an Art Film !

Left Click for the Art Film – Right Click for Making-Of Film

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Click Below for the whole story how this
film took 15 years to make