Mermaids * Sea Sirens * Water Nymphs

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Edmund B. Papp, The Mermaid Hunter of Key West, Florida

On April 10th 1999, Dr. Stephen Papp and wife Frances, vanished while sailing around their island home of Key West, Florida. That very same day their only son Edmund, living in Princeton, New Jersey, received a shipment from his parents. Inside the box were 49 leather bound journals, hundreds of photos, sketch books of drawings, newspaper clippings, reels of 8 mm films – and a personal letter from Frances.

Below is the context of that letter:



My Dearest Edmund

I am writing this letter in haste because I fear the worst is upon us. 

Fifty years ago two magnificent things occurred that changed our lives. First, you were born. Second, because of your birth, your father and I were given a unique opportunity to meet, interact and come to love, three new species of life-forms here on planet earth. – mermaids, sea sirens & water nymphs. We call them “The Daughters of Poseidon”. This was kept secret from you only after a soul-searching debate but your safety was the underlying issue forcing us to do so. I pray you will come to understand this.

Mermaids, Sea Sirens and Water Nymphs have lived secretly among us for eons but as technology advances their discovery was only a matter of time and they knew it. How they wished to be “presented” to human-kind was a raging debate by the rulers of The Queens’ Realm. The elders commissioned your father and me, with our journals, to meet with world leaders and discuss the process by which they be introduced to mankind. We never got that chance because a violent revolt by a small faction not wishing to go public seems to be happening and throwing the Empire into chaos. That is all we know. Your father and I are now threatened by this revolt. As a cautionary action we shipped you all of our research; our life’s work. Should ill befall us, the welfare and future of these beautiful beings we now leave in your hands.

Edmund, your father and I are bestowing on you a most important yet delicate task but we know you will be up to the challenge - because you are our son.  Please realize the danger that may be on your doorstep. Edmund, complete the mission given to your father and me and with discretion make our work known to all mankind. Circumstances have radically changed so how you do this we leave to your best judgement.

Dad and I love you with heart and soul... now and forever.


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