The Mermaid Bible

“Bible” –  a publication that is preeminent especially in its authority or wide readership. 

Answer 3 simple questions:
  1. Do mermaids hold their breath underwater or do they have gills like fish?
  2. Can mermaids ever leave the ocean?
  3. How did the VERY FIRST mermaid ever come to be? 

I’ll bet you found yourself doubting and wondering about the answers to these questions. Well, that’s what Hollywood and a zillion books about mermaids will do to your mind. Oh sure they will entertain but they’ll also confuse you especially if seeking truths about mermaids & sea sirens. 

Hello everyone. My name is Edmund B. Papp but I am known around the world as The Mermaid Hunter. From the beginning, when the Internet was still brand-new my website:, was (and continues to be) the only true source of coherent & comprehensive knowledge about mermaids & sea sirens. But it’s antiquated now and innovations in technology and an ever-changing social media mandates it’s time for a re-boot. 

Transforming the aged and stuffy “bank of knowledge” that was the old into an visually exciting and entertaining Mermaid Bible is a work in-progress. Today’s social media DEMANDS that I now augment my stories, my adventures, my research papers with VISUALS. And so, over the next several months I will transform the old with brand-new photography, art, video and graphics into The Mermaid Bible… and the adventure begins HERE!

A NOTE OF WARNING: This website is not for children. a