2018 – Help Wanted: Mermaids Needed

Hello everyone. My name is Edmund B. Papp but known around the world as The Mermaid Hunter. When the Internet was still new, Mermaidhunter.com was (and continues to be) the only true source of coherent & comprehensive knowledge about mermaids & sea sirens. However, recent innovations in technology and an ever-changing social media has made the site antiquated and so – it’s time for a reboot. 

Transforming the aged and stuffy mermaidhunter.com into an visually exciting and entertaining website is a work in-progress. Today’s social media DEMANDS  I now re script my stories, myths & legends, with new VISUALS. Therefore, 2018 will be the year I transform Mermaid Hunter with brand-new photography, art, video and graphics. If all goes as planned the grand-re opening of Mermaid Hunter will be a Christmas gift to mermaid lovers around the world.

And here is a great starting point for that transformation. Below is my newly updated Mermaid Hunter Films Introduction Clip. The model is Ruby and the music is from the movie soundtrack of “The Bounty” by Vangelis. The video is meant to project a  feeling of threatening danger; that a sea siren is emerging from the depths to bring chaos and harm to mankind.