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Key West resident,  Edmund B. Papp but known locally as ‘The Mermaid Hunter’.

Hello everyone and welcome to Key West, Florida. My name is Edmund B. Papp or known around town as The Mermaid Hunter. Funny name? – Not really, you see I’ve been photographing and filming hundreds of beautiful women as mermaids and sea sirens for almost 50 years.

Please take some time to explore all the links. They will take you to mermaid stories, films, photography, art and great stuff made exclusively for MermaidHunter.Com.

Mermaid Hunter is an online sci-fi series written for those who believe in mermaids OR just want to believe. Regardless it’s going to be a lot of fun to produce and showcase local Key West talent to a world-wide audience? Isn’t the Internet wonderful?


A cautionary note: This site is for adults, if you want your mermaids safely covered up – go no further. Better yet, go back to DisneyWorld.


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Ulysses and the Sirens Herbert James Draper    issue link DORE-L65.1_-_Les_Oceanides_Lo_res    issue link xDSC04449web  issue linkIssue 4 thumbnailIssue 5 thumbnailUntitled-1special edition icon


I am working on T-shirt designs in Coreldraw

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Recent Poster Series I created in Photoshop

MH Poster 1

MH Poster 3

MH Poster 2


A Personal Art Project That Premiered in Key West, 2014
Over 2,000,000 Views on YouTube – Unprecedented for an Art Film !

Left Click for the Art Film – Right Click for Making-Of Film

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Click Below for the whole story how this
film took 15 years to make