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Key West resident,  Edmund B. Papp is  ‘The Mermaid Hunter’.

Hello everyone and welcome to Key West, Florida. My name is Edmund B. Papp or known around town as The Mermaid Hunter. Funny name? – Not really, you see I’ve been photographing, filming, drawing, sculpting and writing about mermaids and sea sirens for more than 50 years.

MermaidHunter.com is dedicated to all who believe in mermaids OR just want to believe. So, sit back and let imagination free your mind of doubt and cynicism. Allow storytelling into your soul and start daydreaming that you are a mermaid swimming over coral reefs.

MermaidHunter.Com is a busy place so check all the links at the top of the page to see what we are up to… the Blog link will keep you updated on everything we do around here. Right now there are 4 ‘active’ programs that are getting most of the attention – two are for adults and two are for children. See below.


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The First Mermaid

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The First Mermaid is a multi-media project for children. It tells the story of how the very first mermaid on earth came to be. Production will begin in Spring ’16 with international model/celebrity (and good friend) Nikki du Plessis playing the starring role of Sara – The First Mermaid. Learn More

Key West’s First Annual Mermaid Festival

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It’s only on paper right now but if all goes as planned Mermaid Hunter will sponsor The First Annual Key West Mermaid Festival. This community event should become reality in late Summer 2016. Hopefully The First Mermaid movie will premiere at this festival. Learn More

Mermaid Hunter – The Series

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Mermaid Hunter is a science fiction novel. Written in soap opera style and published in monthly issues, each issue is heavily illustrated with art, graphics and photos. In 2016 short video clips will be added.

Mermaid Hunter follows the history of the Si-Mer species (Sirens & Mermaids) from it’s genesis in ancient Greece up to today where it struggles to remain a secret society. Threats to their existence are many; new technology promises to expose the Si-Mer species to the world and they constantly fight The Cartel, a world-wide syndicate of bounty hunters who know of their existence but hunt them down in secrecy as directed by their super-rich clients.

Mermaid Hunter focuses on the small Si-Mer colony in Key West, Florida which contains 20 sea sirens and 5 mermaids. Future plot lines will take readers back to the era of pirates and buccaneers; when Key West and Havana, Cuba were major port cities involved in the shipping of Spanish Treasure.

 To date 5 issues have been published online leaving only 45 more issues to go! Mermaid Hunter is NOT for kids. Learn More

The Guardian Shield

The Guardian Shield 8

 The Guardian Shield is a Mermaid Hunter initiative created to give recognition and reward to Key West locals & businesses that embrace its motto: “Protect The WaterBorn.” Formed and governed as a non-profit The Guardian Shield will allow Mermaid Hunter to ‘give back’ to The Keys and Key West. Learn More

Please Note: Just about everything in Mermaid Hunter was created by me! So, I claim copyright on everything in Mermaid Hunter. Be nice; don’t steal or re-post without permission. Thanks. ©1999 MermaidHunter.com