Welcome Professional Mermaids

 Mermaid Hunter Inc. is a Non-profit Corp.
Serving the Professional mermaid Industry

Hello Professional Mermaids! My name is Edmund B. Papp but known as The Mermaid Hunter. Welcome to my hometown – Key West, Florida. You’re busy so I’ll get on with it. The professional mermaid business IS NOW AN INDUSTRY -and every industry needs a trade magazine… so, now you have one! Think of MermaidHunter.Com as the official mermaid business online trade magazine. The “About” link above contains our Mission Statement which outlines our purpose and objectives. I promise to earn your approval and support.

Below describes what Mermaid Hunter Inc. can offer you as a working professional mermaid.

SeaSisters: SeaSisters will be an online gathering spot where pro mermaids across the globe can share personal work news, work secrets, photos and videos, and maybe even a joke or two. SeaSisters will also host a lively forums section, casting news, business trends, mermaid profiles, and a reference library of magazine articles by professionals in law, business, marketing, health & fitness but written exclusively for the mermaid business industry. 

The Guardian Shield: The Guardian Shield is a “Brand” which supports the mermaid industry by  creating award-winning media “awareness” campaigns members can use to fulfill its mission: Protect the Waterborn. Usage of the campaigns are free to members who want to promote themselves as participants in the Protect the Waterborn mission. 

Classifieds: Free advertising space!

Shop: Items made exclusively for members and sold only here.