Behind the Scenes * Production News * Updates


New Camera Systems Delivered: 

Four brand-new GoPro 6 Black are now in-house!





New Underwater Housing Delivered:

A new underwater housing for our Sony Nex cameras is now in-house. I have 2 Sony Nex – 7 cameras and they will be our main acquisition setup. I’ve decided NOT to shoot The Mermaid Bible in 4K video resolution making the Nex-7 system perfect for my needs.







New Waterproof drone added to inventory:

The SwellPro 3 is a waterproof drone. It now joins the GoPro Karma on the shelf.








OMG  They are so BIG! 

The life-sized marine props got delivered today – well, many not the seahorse. Holes will be drilled to allow them to sink and use as props on the reefs. 















More Props Delivered:

Props are vital to effective storytelling. The props used in The Mermaid Bible will most likely be used on an underwater set. Here is just a sample of ‘stuff’ that will be used in the Bible. For the first time I’m going to employ a film technique called Green Screen. 





New Corporate Mark is unveiled:

Well, it’s official – Mermaid Hunter Inc. is now a non-profit corporation. I designed a new logo/mark for the occasion. I need to create one for The Mermaid Bible, and will do so  soon.








Coming Soon: The Very First Mermaid

A perfect example of why I am writing The Mermaid Bible is a simple question – How did the very first mermaid come to be? I have searched hundreds of books and movies and NOWHERE can I find the answer to that question. So, I wrote a novella that answers that very simple question. 





















Poster Series Created














New Tee-Shirt Designs: 

Created 25 designs for future tee-shirt sales; here are samples.









One of my Favorite Tee-Shirt Designs: Now on sale $40





















Speaking of Awesome

Check  out my first video using the shark prop. This was truly making lemonade from lemons. The model is Nikki. The 2 day shoot location was supposed to be on the Western Sambo reef but after waiting days for 25 mph winds to lie down (that didn’t happen) we buckled up and managed only 20 minutes of filming off Fleming Key – before the boat dragged anchor and…