The Sea Siren


This page is dedicated to The Sea Siren movie short I filmed in 2013, then premiered at the Tropic Cinema movie house in Key West, Florida, September 6, 2014. This was a big deal for me; a dream come true. The year was 1981, I remember being spell-bound when first witnessing the recording and playback of video footage from my friend’s brand new RCA VCR.  To think I, Edmund B. Papp, now had the ability to make movies; actual movies. Well, it took 33 years but when that big movie screen lit up with my film – I can’t tell you how satisfying and gratifying it was to my soul. 

For the premiere I had a souvenir book made and I want to share a dedication I wrote on page one.

This book is dedicated to all
professional art models – only with
their understanding & commitment
can artists turn dreams into reality.

Nikki du Plessis is such a model and
the world is a more beautiful place
because of it. 

The Mermaid Hunter


Premiere Night!



The Official Movie Poster


An Internet Promotional Film


A Bloopers / Behind-the- Scenes Film


A Commissioned “Making-Of” Film


The Sea Siren – Movie


Scenes Filmed but Not Used

In the beginning much of the dialogue for The Sea Siren was to be a “voice over” by Nikki telling the audience about her seeking rejuvenation at a Key West Bed & Breakfast after burning out as an international model. The B&B is owned by Jaco. This is why there is no audio. Anyway, as they meet for the first time at breakfast Nikki informs Jaco she is an avid ocean swimmer but likes to swim nude; would that be OK with him? You’re in Key West he replies so, no problem. During breakfast Jaco tells her he has a friend named Mermaid Hunter who is searching for an underwater model to perform in a dangerous underwater artistic shoot titled The Sea Siren. Would she be interested?

Nikki, a true waterbaby, wants more information. Jaco tells her the general area of a shipwreck which will be the primary shoot location, and by coincidence, thinks the ship’s name is Nikki. Is that an omen? But Jaco is not sure about the name telling Nikki she will have to examine the boat to find proof. Nikki believes finding this proof is important because this shoot intrigues her very much and she believes in omens.  Nikki says she will not do her normal swim but instead search for this shipwreck and find out its real name. 

To help her find the shipwreck  Jaco describes two underwater markers that will guide her as she navigates the 300 feet from his dock to the wreck; first, will be Chicken Bone Reef, the second is a steep vertical  wall that leads right to the wreck. 

Opening Scene (No Audio) Nikki’s Voice Over was never recorded. Also experimenting with a soft dark contrast filter.


Chicken Bone Reef scene was never used. It’s light and playful.


This last video is a full 22 minute, 1st edit of The Sea Siren using scenes and footage before the decision to go in an new direction. What’s notable in this version is color being used throughout. Remember is a rough edit with little color correction. But it’s interesting to witness the evolution of a filmmakers vision. And, remember I only had Nikki for 30 days so time and effort needed to be scrutinized almost daily.

The Sea Siren … First Edit / Discarded Version   This particular scene below happens when she forgot to look for the shipwreck’s name and must dive one last time – with dire consequences.

A Tribute to my Muse

I suffer greatly from artistic depression and when I fall into its clutches I always rely on my muse from South Africa, Nikki du Plessis, to bring me back from the abyss and inspire me to create again. Our partnership has resulted in this small portfolio, enjoy. And to Nikki- with love and respect always!

Great News: Nikki will be returning to Key West May, 2018 for a 2 week shoot.