Hello, Professional Mermaids – the SeaSisters section is devoted to you and only you. My goal for SeaSisters is to make it a place you come to relax after mermaiding all day; you pour yourself a cup of tea (some days you might need a stiff drink) and enjoy catching up on mermaid friends and mermaid industry news & happenings around the world. The “JUST FOR SEASISTERS” menu is located at the upper right of this page. The only place you will find this menu is here – so bookmark this page. 

Please remember MermaidHunter.Com and SeaSisters, in particular, will evolve as the mermaid business industry grows and matures. Suggestions and ideas are encouraged. SeaSisters will also be the place I’ll post all of the goings’on within Mermaid Hunter Inc. – stuff that impacts the mission.

Important – Important – Important

Every month Mermaid Hunter Inc. will invite guest experts in law, accounting, marketing, business, fitness & health etc… to submit articles & guides written expressly for the mermaid business industry. These articles and guides will be housed in a Library archive found on the menu above right.