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August 7, 2017

Mermaid Hunter Inc is gearing up for the Protect the WaterBorn awareness campaign with some major expenditures. To date the company has purchased 4 GoPro 5 Black Cameras; a GoPro Karma drone, a SwellPro waterproof drone, 2 GoPro Grips… and of course, all the necessary batteries, cables, filters, supports and mounts. Total investment so far is approaching $15,000. 


August 4, 2017



Short Story: The First Mermaid added to the Library


June 3, 2017
Delivery day – When I saw these statues on sale I knew I had to find a way to use them in the ‘Protect the WaterBorn’ campaign.  A funny side story is only after buying them did I realize I didn’t have the space to store them in my apartment. So, I shopped for storage and the lowest price I found for a 5 feet x 10 feet unit with no climate control – $200/month!!!!! $2,400 annually for a walk-in closet. That’s Key West for you. Of course, that was unacceptable so Mermaid Hunter Inc now owns the white van you see in some of the pics – cost $1000. Now I need to have an artist paint some wild mermaids on it.

July 2, 2017
Mermaid Hunter Inc. officially becomes a non-profit corporation and receives its EIN – it’s a tax thing!