The Guardian Shield


Dear Professional Mermaids

The Guardian Shield is the spearhead of Mermaid Hunter Inc. corporate mission for raising public awareness of the decline of our planet’s water resources. My action plan is simple – create an identity & strategy that will coalesce 2000 independent Eco-warrior mermaids into a single force, a single voice, that will fight for this one objective:

Protect the waterborn

To members of The Guardian Shield protecting ALL waterborn marine life – from a single coral polyp to a 1000 pound whale calf – is worthy of a fight. And when 2,000 Guardians speak and act as one the Shield can proudly flex its prestige and influence. The main weapon used by The Guardian Shield to fulfill its mission is giving member Guardians an award-winning media campaign they can all use to create public awareness to their own local efforts.

So, I invite you to enlist, pick up your Shield, and become a Guardian. Doing so is a simple matter of reading the guiding principles below then sending an email saying “Sign me up”! That’s it, membership is free – always.  


Our Guiding Principles for PROTECTING THE WATERBORN:

  1. Guardians Must Lead by Example.
  2. Guardians Must Stay informed on current science & local issues of debate
  3. Guardians Must rely on true factual data, not false science or fear-mongering to win debate and public opinion.
  4. Guardians Must confront wrong doing and never be intimidated by superior opposing numbers.
  5. Guardians Must reach out to children with a positive message for they are the future warriors in The Guardian Shield.
  6. Guardians Must Reject all levels of militancy behavior if/when involved in Echo related speech, protest or civil action. In the end, being a law-breaker hurts the mission.

Today’s Guardian Shield borrows ideals from the original Guardian Shield that dates back to Greek antiquity. I will publish stories about the original Guardians defending the Shield. They are entertaining reads as the original Guardians were truly bad ass – trained lethal fighters who gave no mercy – because their enemy gave no mercy…


The Greek Goddess Athena created the Guardian Shield in 410 BC

How bad ass were the Sea Sirens that formed the original Guardian Shield? This was their motto:

The Guardian Shield
Brings Death to the Fight
Fights to the Death