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An ABC News segment recently claimed HUNDREDS of women now make a living as professional mermaids. When asked why they chose this curious line of work most said they wanted to share their love of the oceans with others. They said it was as if they had a “calling” from a higher power – a mission to educate others about our oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes and all the wonderful marine life that inhabitant them. And what better way to get their message heard than hearing it from the lips of a beautiful, mythical mermaid. They spread this message at mermaid theme birthday parties, at county fairs, at festivals and parades, at beach clean-ups and at aquariums which have suddenly found adding mermaid shows to be a very popular event that substantially increases ticket buying.

Think of it. Hundreds and hundreds of mermaids – Impressive! These working women are educating the public, especially children, about conservation, reef awareness, and water pollution. Even more impressive, while they call themselves professionals in this new mermaid industry, most lose money because they unselfishly donate personal time and energy to projects they care about. Time and energy that will never be compensated… and they know it.

We all know the world’s waterways are slowly dying and that is why Mermaid Hunter sees this mermaid collective not as family but an ARMY acting as a first line of OFFENCE against the historic decline of our waterways. Mermaid Hunter views their work, their sacrifice, their giving as our best hope for the future. What’s developing in this new mermaid industry is special because it’s a grassroots type of happening. Most professional mermaids put on their tails to educate/entertain in local communities – from a mermaid school in Boracay, Philippines, to Emily Keat, a professional mermaid based out of Cornwall, England to Mermaid Linden, a top professional from California who travels the world spreading the message (and alarm) to CEO’s in corporate boardrooms to children celebrating at backyard pool parties.

Hundreds and Hundreds of ordinary women living in different countries and cultures transforming themselves into mermaids to make a difference. Extraordinary!  Mermaid Hunter needs to become involved in this new mermaid industry. It’s important that it thrives and grows. Here is how Mermaid Hunter will help.

  1. Mermaid Hunter will create a non-profit organization named: The Guardian Shield.
  2. The Guardian Shield will create a worldwide online “platform” for the collection of news and events that aid the mermaid industry. It will then disseminate that information through its website and social media.

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