Dear Readers,

To better understand and appreciate my parents’ journals I have written this reference dictionary that explains the words and terms you need to understand going forward.

Mermaid: A water-bound species having a woman’s upper body and a fishtail lower body.
Sea Siren: A land & saltwater-bound species having a woman’s body.
Water Nymph: An inland & freshwater-bound species having a woman’s body. There are only 300 Water Nymphs and they are minor but immortal Greek goddesses.

The Queen’s Realm: An old term for the “Empire” ruled by a Triumvirate – Queen Mermaid; Queen Sea Siren and Queen Water Nymph. The Empire consists of a worldwide network of colonies controlled and ruled by the Queens from the Greek island of Lesbos – its original birthplace.
The Empire: 186 colonies located in warm tropical waters make up the Empire.

Colony: A permanent settlement of Si-Mers with an occasional Water Nymph who visits.
Si-Mers: A term used whenever Sea Sirens & Mermaids are intermixed.

Guardian: A Sea Siren having special skills that protect the Empire from outside harm and inside chaos.
Bounty Hunter(s): People who know of the existence of the Empire, keep it secret and conduct worldwide hunts for mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs. Bounty Hunters have their own loose confederation of members called the Cartel. There is an active black-market especially for mermaids.
High Priestess: A High Priestess is assigned to each Colony to provide moral guidance.

Share(ing): Sharing is the act of sharing (or exchanging) ones breath with another. The practice originated from a curse by the Greek Goddess Hera. Sharing with humans results in death to the human but Sharing between Si-Mers and Water Nymphs is a sign of sisterly love because they exchange their “LifeForce”.
LifeForce: One’s Breath and the simple act of breathing holds special significance to all Mermaids, Sea Sirens and Water Nymphs. Breath contains their LifeForce