The Bible

What is The Mermaid Bible?

The Mermaid Bible will be the foremost authority on mermaids & sea sirens. Authored by Edmund B. Papp the world’s most trusted expert on the subject – mermaid believers & skeptics will finally have a encyclopedia that answers EVERYTHING a curious mind questions about mermaids & sea sirens.

The single most important truth found in The Mermaid Bible is:

Sea sirens & mermaids are completely different species that NEED each other to survive. Also, sea sirens have lived on earth much, much longer than mermaids, and every mermaid was a sea siren before her transformation. The rare painting by Herbert James Draper illustrates the physical differences between a mermaid who has a fishtail and a sea siren who does not. 

Ulysses and the Si-Mers by Herbert-James-Draper