Auditions & Casting

Hello models & actors, I’m Edmund B. Papp, creator of the Mermaid Hunter website. The MAIN reason for updating Mermaid Hunter is Social Media has changed the way we use the Internet to entertain us. Today, VISUALS now play a CRUCIAL role in delivering entertainment. To that end, over 100 characters – be it human, mermaid, sea siren, Greek god or goddess must now be re-cast by real people in the reboot version of Mermaid Hunter. 

 Mermaid Hunter is a BIG project with hundreds of poems, stories, legends and myths – all waiting to be illustrated with new talent and technology.

So, here is my offer to actors & models who want paid work. 

Take this link to a list of my original stories, poems, myths, legends & novellas that feature Mermaids, Sea Sirens, Humans, Fantasy Creatures, Goddesses and Gods. NOTE: At the end of each story will be casting information e.g. Payment, Filming Schedule, R or PG rating, Swimming  ability needed…  you get the gist. Find a title that matches your wants & needs, then call or write me for more details at:   or 305 923 6357. This is a non-union production. If hired you will be paid in cash. Note: Most character roles DO NOT require nudity. Sorry, No Minors under the age of 18 will be considered for hire. 

NOTE: I even pay $50 for a 2 hour audition. If the audition goes well I have an established (but flexible) pay rate depending on what you bring to the bargaining table.  After an audition my lowest rate is $50/hr. That’s for fully clothed or swimwear scenes. Com’on and grab this adventure! It pays well and who knows what your future holds.


A collection of mermaids from years past showing what’s possible when you work with me.