Auditions & Casting

Hello models & actors, I’m Edmund B. Papp, author of The Mermaid Bible and I need your help. Over 100 characters – be it human, mermaid, sea siren, Greek god or goddess must be illustrated (by real people) in the Bible. The online edition will even support short videos. 

The Mermaid Bible is a BIG project mandating its stories, legends and myths be published in sections and not all at once. So, when I do post the stories I invite you to read them,  choose any character, then help me bring that character to life! Call or write me for more details:   or 305 923 6357. This is a non-union production. If hired you will be paid in cash.
Please Note: Most character roles DO NOT require nudity. Sorry, No minors under the age of 18 will be considered for hire.

I do have an established pay rate for models/actors but it’s flexible depending on what you bring to the bargaining table. I will offer a tease. After an audition my lowest rate is $50/hr. That’s for fully clothed or swimwear scenes. 

Below is a quick film showcasing over 100 models I have worked with since moving to KW in 1999. I brought them to KW so that I could keep up with new camera systems and computer editing software. Consider – in 1999 I was still shooting FILM. Remember Kodak? Unfortunately only 3 models are local, the rest are from out of town, out of state and even out of country!

Com’on and grab this adventure! It pays well and who knows what your future holds. For instance, Nikki du Plessis first modeled for me on an advertising campaign and ended up starring in her own movie -that was viewed 6,000,000 times on YouTube! Click the official movie poster below to view the film.