The cost of the Mermaid Hunter website makeover will be in the 10’s of thousands! In fact, the first ten thousand has already been spent in new cameras, props, faster computers, drones, dive gear, etc… But all that will be peanuts when compared to the monies paid to the models/actors as they bring all the Mermaid Hunter characters to life. And good for them. The success of Mermaid Hunter rests on their shoulders.

To offset production costs several money streams are being considered such as crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter; Indiegogo; Patreon; and Vimeo’s Video-On-Demand. In addition Mermaid Hunter will create a small line of merchandise and sell directly to website patrons. 

When these initiatives come online announcements will be posted to the update page so check back every so often.  Vimeo VOD  has already been set up and can be found here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/backstagepass2